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DiSC Classic - 2.0 Online Assessment ($25.00 value)

Please take a look at both sample reports and choose which assessment you'd like to take (Click on the links above).

If you are not familiar with the two assessments, below is a brief description of them.  Make sure that you also take a look at the two sample reports included at the top of this message. 

In the DiSC Classic 2.0 report, the description of your behavior, tendencies, and recommendations are shown on pages 3 through 12; then starting on page 13 there is a description of the four basic behavioral styles and the 15 main behavioral blends.  The DiSC Classic report is written with "you" in mind and is a narrative that highlights your strength, potential weaknesses, how to overcome your weaknesses, and it creates awareness on how not to overuse your strength.

The DiSC PPSS report is written in 3d person, mostly in bullet points, with the busy manager in mind who might read the employee's assessment results.  It includes suggestions on how to improve effectiveness, reduce conflict, etc., as well as worksheets on helping the manager coach the employee to become more effective.  The PPSS sample report includes a general characteristics report + 5 additional reports:

  1. Strategies for Creating a Positive Relationship (this report is mostly for the manager who is trying to build a good relationship with the test taker/employee; it is also used in helping team members better understand each member of the team, reduce conflict, and improve communication)
  2. Relating to People and the Environment
  3. Strategies for Managing (This part of the assessment gives tips on how to manage, motivate, etc. the person who took the assessment.  Mostly useful information for the employer, not the employee)
  4. Approach to Managing Others
  5. Strategies for Sales Management
  6. Approach to Selling

When administering this assessment, the administrator includes only the reports that are relevant to the assessment taker.  Your free assessment (if you decide to take the PPSS) will automatically include the General Characteristics Report (pages 1 through 15) + two additional reports: "Relating to People and the Environment", and the "Approach to Selling" reports.  Getting familiar with the Approach to Selling report is especially useful for those who coach or provide consulting services to business clients.

Both the DiSC 2.0 and the PPSS are amazing tools for coaches to help their clients better understand the reason behind their own behavior and are a great aid in helping them (the clients) become the highly successful individuals they want to become.  Every practitioner has their favorite and the DiSC 2.0 seems to be more used due to its lower cost; however, in the corporate arena and with business clients, the PPSS tends to be more popular.

After you take a look at both sample reports, please send an email to with "DiSC 2.0" or  "DiSC PPSS"in the subject line to signal which assessment you'd like to take. 

You will receive the call-in information for the teleclass 48-hours prior to the call.  Meanwhile, please feel free to ask any question that you might have relating to DiSC or the assessment.


E.G. Sebastian

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