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PART 1                                   
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Effective communication skills and good people skills are the most important skills one can master. 
The term "most important skills" is not just hype or exaggeration; without these skills it is impossible
to attain true success in our personal or professional lives.

In this course you will learn how different people's personalities and behavioral type affects their
communication style, as well as you'll learn how to recognize each style, better understand each style,
and communicate more effectively with each style based on their needs.

The journey to attaining these crucial skills will take you through 5 steps:
1) Develop a deeper understanding of yourself (motivations, fears, communication tendencies, behavioral
tendencies, your behavioral expectations of others, etc),
2) Learn to understand others
3) Raise your awareness of the effects of your personal behavior on others
4) Understand and manage others' behavioral expectations, and
5) Learn a few simple skills that will help you come across as a master communicator

The most important step, out of the five - which is also the one most people want to skip - is step number one:
"Develop a deeper understanding of yourself."  Without understanding why you behave as you do, there can be
no progress in improving your communication and people skills. 

Better understanding yourself has multiple benefits, some of which are increased self-acceptance, improved
self-confidence, and increased awareness of why you behave as you do - all which are crucial elements to help
you become a more effective in building successful relationships.

There are many ways to dig a bit deeper and learn about yourself.  There are several valid and reliable assessments
on the market that can help you do just that.  Some of the most popular are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI),
the Keirsey Sorter, and the DiSC Classic Profile, and many others...

Of all the personality and behavioral assessments on the market, the DiSC Classic turns out to be the most user-friendly. 
While the ones mentioned earlier were really great, they tend to be way too long and go in more depth than most of us need. 
DiSC Classic 2.0 assessment gives users in-depth information on their strengths, weaknesses, motivation, communication tendencies, on-the-job and off-job behavioral tendencies,  and even suggestions on how one can become more productive and a more effective communicator. 

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the DiSC Classic 2.0 is its inbuilt educational component on the other behavioral styles (the other assessments on the market only give you a readout on you).  Your assessment results contain not only your behavior's analysis, but it also educates you on how to recognize other behavioral styles, understand the environments that they enjoy most, understand the environments where they will feel discomfort, their expectations of others, and more.

For more than 30 years, the DiSCŪ Behavioral System - and its DiSC Classic assessments - have unlocked the door to productive communication and relationships for over 40 million people through its DiSCŪ Dimensions of Behavior learning approach.  It is a highly valid and reliable tool for self-discovery used by professionals at all levels.  It is widely used by Fortune 500 companies, in conjunction with DiSC Behavioral System training, as well as is widely used by professionals from all walks of life, such as counselors, sales professionals, real-estate agents, teachers, etc., for whom effective communication and understanding the people they work with is crucial to their success.

As a subscriber to our DISC eCourse, you qualify to take the DiSC Classic 2.0 at a 15 % discount ($25.45 vs. the regular price $29.95).   To take advantage of this offer, please Click Here!

Another important distinguishing characteristic of the DiSCŪ Behavioral System - as compared to other personality and behavioral systems - is the simplicity of the four-quadrant model that allows those familiar with DiSCŪ to recognize individuals that express any of the four main behavioral styles. This understanding of the styles enables one to understand each style's natural tendencies, fears, motivators, expectations from their environment, and other behavioral tendencies.

The DiSCŪ behavioral system has helped individuals improve performance, deal more effectively with conflict, and value differences.
Using the research-based DiSC model, the DiSCŪ behavioral system helps you better understand why you act the way you do, while also giving you an insight into why those around you behave the way they do.

Short History of DiSC
The "father" of the DiSCŪ Behavioral System is William Moulton Marston, who spent years studying the behavior of "normal" people. (Marston also invented an early form of the lie detector, which later became a founding component of the polygraph) Marston, however, never developed a formal assessment, nor is he the creator of the four-quadrant model. In 1970, a company called Performex, took Marston's findings and developed the today so popular four-quadrant model and the highly reliable, valid, and widely used DiSCŪ Classic assessment.


In Part 2* we'll take a look at the DISC, 4-quadrant model.

* Part 2 contains the most important information in the course; understanding the concepts in part 2 is the foundation for the remaining five parts.

Meanwhile take a look at a sample DiSCŪ assessment by visiting , and click on "DiSC Classic 2.0 Sample Assessment."   Starting on page 13, the sample assessment contains a description of the DiSCŪ 4-quadrant model!

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