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How to Deal with
Difficult & Diverse People

An inteactive workshop on effective communication,
conflict management, and self-discovery

Difficult People - they are there everywhere. They are the ones who do things that we don't want them to do, or don't do things they are supposed to do. It is almost impossible to go through a day without running into them. Whether at work or at home, dealing with difficult people often gets the best out of us, creating unnecessary frustration, anger, lowered morale, reduced productivity, and sabotaging the smooth flow of our lives.

Join this interaction-rich workshop and learn how to effectively communicate with the people you perceive as difficult, learn to defuse conflict with them, and feel more in control around them.

Duration: 2-Day Seminar*

* 1-day & 1/2 day sessions also available


  • Gain understanding of why people are difficult
  • Stop being a victim of difficult people
  • Dramatically improve your communication skills
  • Understand the different types of difficult people
  • Recognize and effectively deal with bullies
  • Learn to differentiate between difficult vs. diverse people
  • Gain a renewed sense of confidence in social settings
  • Learn how to change if you realize/know that you are a difficult person

Seminar Content:

  • Intro to the 4 "normal" personality types
  • What is your personality type? (assessment)
  • When different personality types collide
  • Three levels of listening and their impact on communication
  • Difficult or diverse? Raise your awareness of personality, cultural, and ethnical differences
  • The influence of beliefs, values, and expectations on our day-to-day communications
  • Recognize 12 difficult types of people
  • Strategies to communicate effectively with each type of difficult people
  • Recognize when you are being difficult and learn to get off your position gracefully
  • Recognize and eliminate hot buttons


  • Workbook with assessments and list of resources

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