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Different People, Different Needs
Help Your Team Members Communicate More Effectively
and Become High-Performers


Understand and Effectively Manage Behavioral Diversity

The foundation of personal and professional success lies in understanding yourself, understanding others, and realizing the impact of personal behavior on others. For nearly thirty years, more than 30 million people have unlocked the door to productive communication and relationships through the DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior learning approach.

The DiSC Dimensions of Behavior provides a nonjudgmental language for exploring behavioral issues across four primary dimensions:

·          Dominance: Direct and Decisive. D's are strong-willed, strong-minded people who like accepting challenges, taking action, and getting immediate results.

·          Influence: Optimistic and Outgoing. I's are "people people" who like participating on teams, sharing ideas, and energizing and entertaining others.

·        Steadiness: Sympathetic and Cooperative. S's are helpful people who like working behind the scenes, performing in consistent and predictable ways, and being good listeners.

·        Conscientiousness: Concerned and Correct. C's are sticklers for quality and like planning ahead, employing systematic approaches, and checking and re-checking for accuracy.

Program Objectives:

·        Learn to recognize the 4 main behavioral styles (D, I, S, and C)

·        Understand the strength and weaknesses of each behavioral style

·        Understand how each behavioral style is perceived by others

·        Understand and manage behavioral expectations (both yours and others')

·        Learn to appreciate different behavioral styles

·        Learn to communicate with individuals with different behavioral styles

·        Learn about each behavior style in conflict & ways to defuse conflict with each

·        Understand what motivates individuals with different behavioral styles

·        Learn to read and respond to individual customer's/client's behavioral style

·        Reduce frustration and conflict resulting from differences in behavioral style


  • Better understand self and others
  • Enhance personal and professional relationships
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced conflict
  • Improved communication
  • Improved employee relationships
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved team spirit
  • Build more productive teams

Questions the DiSC Behavioral System Training Can Help Answer
(Depending on the focus of the presentation - See "Pottential Areas of Focus" below for details)

  • What are my strengths?
  • What are my potential limitations?
  • How do I relate to people and my environment?
  • What are my strategies for creating positive relationships?
  • How can I increase effectiveness in others and myself?
  • How my subordinates perceive me?
  • How do my managers perceive me?
  • How can I improve my performance?
  • How can I improve my communication with those around me?
  • What are my strategies for managing others?
  • How do I direct, delegate, motivate and problem-solve?
  • What is my natural approach to selling?
  • How do I handle objections, gain commitment and manage my subordinates?
  • What motivates me?
  • What de-motivates me?
  • What type of environment do I prefer?
  • What things do I tend to avoid doing?
  • What's my response to conflict?
  • Which behavioral types are most likely to trigger stress/conflict and how do I most effectively diffuse it?
  • How do I make decisions, manage time, solve problems or handle stress?

Potential Areas of Focus

Any of the following suggested topics could be as short as 90-minutes, covering only the basics, up to a multi-day seminar, covering in detail the area of focus.  The multi-day seminar could be as little as 90-minutes/day to several hours/day, delivered daily, at one week intervals, monthly, or even quarterly.

Combining two or more areas of focus is also an option, such as "Improving Communication & Reducing Conflict on the Job," etc.

Here are the currently available DiSC presentations' areas of focus:


            Improving Communication

            Adapting to Different Styles


            Managing Conflict and Resistance

            Reducing Conflict



            Using Your Strengths to Your Advantage

            Building Greater Self-Awareness



            Maximizing Your Strengths as a Manager

            Recognizing and Removing Barriers to Performance

            Getting the Most from Your Key Contributors


            Building a Sales Relationship

            Being Responsive to Customer Differences


            Improving Team Effectiveness

            Improving Team Motivation

            Team Effectiveness Series

This is a highly interactive program with multiple group exercises and self-discovery oriented activities. Participants would also be viewing high quality DVD clips to see each DiSC Behavioral type in action and how each type can adopt to be more effective on the job.

 Handout: Participant manual with points covered, basic behavioral assessment, and resources
                   (manual page count depends on length of program)


Sample outline of a 10-Module, 2-day* seminar:

* !!! Each module can function as a stand-alone session as well !!!

Day 1

Module 1:

Discoverer Four Styles and Explore General Preferences of Each Style (90-Minutes)

Module 2:

 Learn About Strengths and Their Overuse (60 to 90-Minutes)

Module 3:

Learn About Each Style When in Conflict (60 to 75-Minutes)

Module 4:

Learn to Recognize the Styles of Other People (45 to 60-Minutes)

Module 5:

Understand How Others Interpret Your Behavior (60 to 90-Minutes)

Day 2

Module 6:

Learn How to Adapt Your Communication to Different Styles (60-Minutes)

Module 7:

 Understand what Motivates You at Work (60 to 90-Minutes)

Module 8:

Learn How to Address Goals and Fears to Gain Commitment (75 to 90 Minutes)

Module 9:

Learn to Adapt Your Management Approach Based on Willingness and Ability (75 to 90-Minutes)

Module 10:

Learn to Read and Effectively Respond to Your Customers' Style (60-Minutes)

* !!! Each module can function as a stand-alone session as well !!!


Presented by E.G. Sebastian

E G Sebastian is an international speaker (speaks six languages) who speaks extensively on improving performance, effective communication & conflict management, leadership, and professional growth related topics. 

E.G. loves to study what makes people tick - what motivates them, what are their fears, how to recognize and best communicate with different personality types, and how to build successful relationships based on this knowledge.  He loves to "Wow!" his audience members with the simplicity of understanding and "reading" different personality styles, and the ease of co-existing with different styles once one understands what makes each personality style tick.

E.G. believes that communication and good people skills are the most important skills that one can master.  Only with mastery of these skills can one attain true success in both personal and professional life; therefore, most of E.G.'s presentations focus to a great extent on understanding human behavior and building better interpersonal skills based on that understanding.

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