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Feedback from
Youth Participants 
 Note: Most feedback is from evaluation forms and were anonymous, some participants provided written permission to use their names along with their feedback.

Different People, Different Needs - Understanding Behavioral Diversity - Participant Feedback

This workshop was very helpful because it makes you understand yourself and teaches you about the behavior of other people and why they are different. It also teaches you to look at people from a different point of view
Robert I.

I really lived the way he presented the material. . He helped me understand why I was so hyper!

Great Learning Experience with a new concept; one that I have not heard before.  Great for students and Counselors.

Related well to my life.

This information is very beneficial. I didn't know this workshop could closely relate to the feeling that I feel and explain why I behave the way I do!

The workshop was very informative and interesting. I found him humorous and charismatic. Excellent job!

He did very good to keep us interested and taught me a lot of stuff that could help me understand different human behaviors and personalities.

Enjoyed every minute of it!

I thought it would be boring, just looking at the title, but I really enjoyed it and highly recommend that others experience this also.

This helped me better understand myself and how I communicate.

Over all, this workshop revealed the person in me.

I would like to come and hear the presenter again.

This really was a grat worksho + more students need to hear this!

I really enjoyed this presentation. It allowed me to better understand what type of person I am. I can build upon this information be become a more effective person.

Mr. Sebastian kept the audience very intently interested.

I really enjoyed the seminar and it was very beneficial.

This was an excellent presentation.

I really enjoyed your presentation. GREAT JOB!

This was a very helpful session.  I really enjoyed myself.  Thank you.


Very informative - Great Speaker.


I believe that the DISC workshop lead me to realizing what kind of person I am and that it really helped me to better understand others' behavior around e. I would recommend that everyone learn about it.

This presentation was extremely useful and I hope that he can come back Next Year.

Great [magic] tricks!

It was excellent; I Really, Really enjoyed it!

You were really great, you really help me with my problems

Great examples; great conversational style.

The minute I walked out of the [presentation], I started seeing people in a whole new light. Not only the people at the conference, but also everyone who is of some relevance in my life. I started thinking, "Oh, that's why he/she does that..." Going through your DISC seminar has made me not only more tolerant, but also more empathic and sympathetic to  people around me. I think that that seminar will have a very lasting effect on my outlook in life. 
(Received by E-mail about a week after the event)


High Performance Goal Setting - Participant Feedback

This workshop helps you realize that you can achieve your goals and that no matter where you come from you can succeed.
Serena M.

Very helpful and useful & greatly recommended!

It helped me understand what I excel in and what I nee to work on.
Latisha M.

I would like to tell others to attend the "Make 2006 your Best Year Ever," because it helps you get motivated towards your goals.
Adrian K

He makes you believe in a brighter tomorrow.

I liked this workshop because it helps me get my life together to better myself in the future.

He changed my life [and] made me want my goals even more. And know I can do it.

I really enjoyed this session, especially when you talked about how you must try before you say 'I can't.' So great job!

He was interesting and helped me realize that I can aspire to achieve whatever I want in life.

He is a great speaker, and a kind o human motivator.

I would tell others that this workshop is exciting, interesting and fun.

Helpful and useful in life. Excellent & Greatly Recommended!

This workshop was very useful and Mr. Sebastian kept our attention and was very good people person and connected well with the audience.

It differentiates between your dreams and goals. It helps me understand what I want to do in life.

It was awesome!

It was useful in helping me set goals, ways to reach them, and find out if they're important or not.

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